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TurnAround Village, LTD., is a faith based, 501(C) (3) non-profit facility that transitions ex-offenders back into society and reduces recidivism. Together with our founder, Reverend Blaine Gravel we minister into the lives of men that are accepted into this program.Our current priority at Turn Around Village is to help men coming out of prison attain the necessary life skills that enable them to become self- supporting tax payers versus tax burdens. Our process increases their self-esteem and moves them toward becoming productive members of the community. We mentor these men according to Spiritual Truths at no charge to their family members, just a commitment to the program.More than 16,000 ill-equipped ex-offenders are released into Louisiana back yards every year. For a variety of reasons, approximately 55% of these men re-offend within the first year of their freedom. Each time one of these ex-offenders re-offends and has to be re-incarcerated it costs the tax-payer, you and I, approximately $100,000 from the beginning to the end of the legal treadmill.

TurnAround Village has successfully proven that these statistics can improve and at the same time create safer communities. Our transitional facility houses up to 18 men at a time in a loving, family like, Christian environment - we lead by example.When the date of their release arrives, we often pick them up at the gate of their releasing facility (if they are at a corrections center close by), or we pick them up at the bus stop and bring them home to Turn Around Village. Normally, “the system” puts these men at a disadvantage from achieving any kind of success from day one. Most when released, no longer have any identification, clothing, or personal items to speak of. This coupled with ill-fitting, donated clothing and out- dated footwear, provided by the releasing institution, not only bruises their dignity, but at the same time subliminally plants a seed that they are never going to make it in the real world.