Read about the process behind the mission

Step 1

Within 48 hours of their release to Turn Around Village, we must take them for a mandated visit to the probation and parole department. During this visit they meet their assigned Parole/Probation Officer and, if applicable, they are briefed on any conditions or stipulations related to the preservation of their freedom. They are then photographed and fingerprinted and a new jacket is opened on them.

Step 2

Once the legal requirements are met, Turn Around Village then takes them out and buys them underwear, jeans, shirts, shoes, toiletries, and any other personal items they will need to start their new life. The next step we address is medical and mental health concerns. We set them up with social workers, mental health workers, substance abuse programs, psychologists or psychiatrists and medical doctors (as needed) and get them medication if any is required – all this is at our expense.

Step 3

After the essential needs are met we then help our men find employment. Turn Around Village has a ‘bank’ of employers that know who we are and wholeheartedly support our work. A good paying job goes a long way toward helping them shed the stereotypical criminal image they have formed of themselves. Until they are financially ready to purchase transportation, we must provide it through TAV. Transportation in itself overcomes a major barrier to pursuing and obtaining employment. We spend roughly $250 - $300 a week on gasoline alone.