Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Turn Around Village survives primarily on donated money. This money comes from churches, private donors, and a few businesses that help us out. In addition, we also have a small capacity building grant made available through the Department of Health and Human Services. We believe that God has birthed this ministry, we seek Him through prayer and He touches the hearts of persons who support our work. Of course, we are always thankful for new donors and avenues of support.

All of our residents release from a period of incarceration and come directly to Turn Around Village from one of the many State facilities in the Louisiana penal system. Most of our clients have been pre-screened by prison social workers, Chaplain’s offices, and the Turn Around Village Staff prior to their release. Locally, TurnAround Village was privileged to work with the Warden and Chaplain of the Rayburn Correctional Center in Angie, LA, to birth a 66-bed “Faith and Character” based dorm in the prison. The men in this program are each mentored on a weekly basis of various aspects of life targeted toward preparing them for their release.

We take those offenders who have expressed a willingness to make changes and who agree to live by the program rules and abide by the policies outlined in our intake assessment.

Prison ministry has become a “household” reference inside the Department of Corrections. It is more active now that it has ever been. We work very closely with prisons and jails throughout the State and have built relationships with officials in those institutions. We learn of pending releases from those relationships. Additionally, those who we help tell others who tell others who tell others!

Turn Around Village does not endorse the language used on this video or some of the illustrations but, we find it to be informative, enlightening and accurate in it's content and we trust that you will have a greater understanding of issues faced by returning citizens after viewing it."